Commercial Collections

Getting paid for services rendered is vital to corporate survival.  Every business faces the challenge of deciding how to deal with delinquent accounts or customers who are in arrears at a time when these debtors are becoming far savvier at avoiding debt repayment. Under the circumstances, it makes sense for creditors to implement a more aggressive and cost effective business collection approach to combat delinquencies by using an aggressive  Tampa Bay area lawyer skilled at aggressive, effective collection.

We can help.    Our attorneys stack the odds in your favor by combining the impact and knowledge of an experienced legal counselor with the various skills and resources of a seasoned debt collector.

Corporations trust our law firm to ensure they are paid for contracted goods and services according to local, state and federal business collections in Los Angeles laws and guidelines.  Our areas of expertise include:

Our attorneys can put their commercial collection experience  in  the Tampa into practice.

  • Claims handling: From initial hand delivered “in your face” demand letter to litigation and judgment collection in Florida and other parts of the state and country.
  • Business collection: Seasoned Tampa business collection lawyers – not just collection agents – who can pursue your claims in court when necessary.
  • Flexibility: Flexible payment arrangements, including hourly fees and hybrid or blended fees as they may relate tocollection judgments. Credit cards accepted.
  • Alternative approaches: Alternative dispute resolution mechanisms, such as negotiation and mediation as cost efficient alternatives to protracted and costly litigation.